Our Wedding in the Blue Mountains

In June 2018, my now wife Callie and I tied the knot.

We were married in a small ceremony at Cahill’s Lookout, in the Blue Mountains – 2 hours from Sydney, Australia. Surrounded by close friends and family – despite the mid-winter freeze – the wedding went off without a hitch. Most of the attendees arrived on Friday evening and stayed with us at the Hydro Majestic Hotel in Medlow Bath, so that we were all ready for an early afternoon wedding at the nearby lookout.

Following my proposal (a year prior), Callie and I had thrown around a number of suggestions for where we would like to have our wedding – but landed on Cahill’s Lookout due to its absolutely sublime location and views – including those of Narrow Neck (a ridge separating two valleys where we had previously camped in a cave) and of Boar’s Head (a rock formation that we had abseiled down – from the top to the bottom, some time ago). Both sights were clearly visible to us and our friends and family on the day of the wedding.

Boar’s Head Rock Formation – Seen from Cahill’s Lookout

In fact, one of our friends (John) had a super-powered camera and managed to get some great shots of a group who were in the process of abseiling down Boar’s Head lookout:

As our friends and family began to arrive at the car park, they gradually began to wander on down to the lookout and gather as a group. I set up the signing table and chairs and various other bits and pieces as we waited for our celebrant (Meredith) to arrive.

We had selected Meredith after some deliberation and a number of meetings with different celebrants. We had received a referral from a friend and as soon as we met Meredith, we knew that we liked her and wanted her to marry us. She was from the burner / hippy community that attends a number of the same arts & music festivals that we go to (like Burning Seed) and she had a wonderful demeanour.

When she arrived, and whilst Callie, her family and maid of honour were still back up at the car-park, she began the ceremony.

She began to welcome all of the guests – our friends and family – and put on our wedding song – Home by Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeroes. Once the song had begun – Callie, accompanied by her maid of honour and mum and dad began to walk down “the aisle” (or more accurately – the path leading up to the lookout).

As the song came to a close and Callie arrived at the lookout, we greeted one another with a smile and our celebrant introduced us – the bridge and groom and began to give some background (or history) on both Callie’s and my own journeys that led us to meeting one another.

This was followed by a few readings that we had selected – including Love Monkey by Callie’s brother Sean and another reading that was done by my dad.

Following this we were asked to read the vows that we had prepared to one another (mine took the form of another poem) and the rings were brought up to the podium on the lookout.

We then placed the rings on each other’s fingers and were declared husband and wife by Meredith. And of course – we had our wedding kiss!

As the ceremony came to an end, my brother (Liam) queued up a number of other songs to finish on. And we posed for a number of photographs from our awesome photographer, Bille.

Look at that stunning dress! 🙂

Callie had it designed and made by our neighbour – who we had caught making wedding dresses in her garage – next to ours.

And of course took it in turns to pose for photos with our guests:

After the photographs were taken – there was a bit of a rush to get back to the cars (as the weather – in spite of how lovely it looked – was freezing). And of course – you can’t have a wedding without hiccups. Our one being that I had left my car keys with my mum, who of course left quite quickly after the ceremony (with my keys!).

But it was all good – we got a lift back to the Hydro Majestic with some of our other friends, one of whom offered to go back and grab my car later.

And then it was off to dinner at Cinnabar in Blackheath!

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